This Chrome Extension Wants To Save Your Career

This Chrome Extension Wants To Save Your Career

Tweeting is great and you should totally do it. Seriously, get on out there and share some links, you little scamp! Make some friends. Promote your hard work. But know this: It is a truth universally acknowledged that to tweet — specifically to tweet with regularity and in high volume — is to subject yourself to forces sometimes beyond one’s control.

Yeah, fine. I’ve got this, you say. And you’re right…for now. But wait until the inside jokes start flowing like wine. Or what about the politics gaffes? 2016 is fast-approaching, friend. and super-inclusive, high visibility events are veritable Twitter minefields.

Now you could Never Tweet, but let’s face it, that’s more of a state of mind than an achievable reality. Thankfully, game designer and Carnegie Mellon professor Paolo Pedercini created this helpful chrome extension that reminds you of the potential danger inside every 140 character missive.

Paolo Pedercini

I made a browser extension that replaces the “What’s happening?” question on Twitter’s text field:

03:02 PM – 02 Mar 2015

Unfortunately, it’s too late for these folks. And these ones. And these people, too. But the good news is, there’s hope for you yet.

Oh, and it should probably come pre-installed on all #brand accounts:

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