This Chrome Extension Wants To Save Your Career

Tweeting is great and you should totally do it. Seriously, get on out there and share some links, you little scamp! Make some friends. Promote your hard work. But know this: It is a truth universally acknowledged that to tweet — specifically to tweet with regularity and in high volume — is to subject yourself […]

This Muslim Woman Responded To An Anti-Islam Protestor With A Hug

Last weekend, there was a wave of anti-Islam protests across the U.S. One of these was at Columbus, Ohio’s Noor Islamic Cultural Center, where Cynthia DeBoutinkhar attended a counter-protest. When DeBoutinkhar arrived at the counter-rally, she found only one anti-Islam protester, a woman who going by “Annie.” The counter-protesters began to speak to Annie and […]

9 Incredible Photo Stories You Absolutely Can’t Miss

1. “Infrared Inauguration” — Mashable As the old adage goes, when everyone zigs, you gotta zag. Faced with the prospect of competing with literally hundreds of other photographers covering the inauguration and protests in Washington, DC, photographer Johnny Milano brought a camera modified to capture infrared light. The images he created during that chaotic day […]

Jewish Fraternity Vandalized With Swastikas

Swastikas were spray-painted onto the home of a historically Jewish fraternity at Emory University in Atlanta over the weekend. Hugh Flax DDS @AtlantaSmiles @EmoryUniversity Pic at #Emory#Aepi house last night What ru going to do about #racism @ your school/ my alma mater? Sun Oct 05 15:51:24 UTC+0000 2014 Reply Retweet Favorite Hugh Flax DDS@AtlantaSmilesFollow […]